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    You will gain access to an award winning mini-MBA course equipping you with the key principles currently being taught by the world’s leading business schools. The resources consist of short videos, worksheets and regular live interactive webinars which will help you to master the business fundamentals. 

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Master the Business Fundamentals

Our award-winning Mini-MBA course has been designed to help you master the business fundamentals. This online course, which can be found on the Mini-MBA Course page, consists of 3 Modules each of which is broken down into Learn, Apply and Transform elements. Watch the videos below to find out more. 


The Learn element in each of the 3 Modules is comprised of series of short videos that explain the fundemental principles of business. Watch all of the videos in the Learn element before beginning the Apply element. 

Watch Learn Video


The Apply element consists of exercises and activities designed to help you put the MBA principles into practice in a way which is relevant for your work. These exercises can be done as an individual or in a group workshop.

Watch Apply Video


The final component in each module is the Transform element. This has been designed to help you get the most out of your own energies, skills and talents in a way that ties in with the strategies of your business.

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Collaborative approach to exploring opportunities and developing innovative ideas


Enhanced problem solving

Take the message out in a more consistent way

Execute the strategies that you have selected (Module 2)

It is only having selected those strategies that are best for a business (at Step 3) that we can identify the key assets that will need to be in place in order to execute those strategies. This can be expressed graphically by drawing a Key Asset Map. In Videos 2.6 and 2.7 (of Module 2) you will not only learn how you can draw a Key Asset Map for your business but also how you can put those key assets in place through the use of Functional Strategies. This is Step 4.

Interpret change within your market (Module 3)

If the world never changed a business could continue to pursue exactly the same set of strategies (as defined in Steps 1 - 4) indefinitely. However, the world does change and therefore a business cannot rely on past success to carry it into the future forever. Consequently, a business needs to understand how to interpret change from a strategic perspective. This can be achieved by using the Future 5 Forces Model and the Future Brand Identity Model. Videos 3.1 - 3.4 (of Module 3) will help you learn how to use these models. This is Step 5.

Respond to that change in a superior manner to the competition (Module 3)

Having understood how to interpret change (at Step 5), Step 6 encourages the business to ask itself how it can respond to that change in a manner that is superior to the competition based upon its unique set of strengths. Because no two businesses are alike, no two businesses should respond in the same way to a change within its market. This is referred to as the Resource Based View of Change. In Video 3.5 (of Module 3) your will learn how to respond to change. This is Step 6.

Discover where your ‘sweet spot of opportunity’ lies (Module 3)

To succeed in the long term a business must be able to create an inner urge for progress and identify new markets where it can exploit its existing set of strengths. To achieve this it should pursue those opportunities that allow it to reveal and enhance its existing capabilities. This can be revealed through the use of a framework entitled the Sweet Spot of Opportunity. In Video 3.6 (of Module 3) you will learn how to discover where your Sweet Spot of Opportunity lies. This is Step 7.



Having gone through each of the steps, award your Team a Certificate of Compeletion and the title of Team MBA Associate. 


Continually grow your knowledge 

We regularly provide additional resources designed to:

  • Build on the learning in the Mini-MBA course;

  • Explore some of the MBA concepts in more depth; and

  • Provide you with an understanding of the latest strategic thinking.

These resources can be found on the Lifelong Learning page. These resources are frequently updated to keep you up-to-speed with the current hot topics. 


Build cutting edge leadership, management and strategic thinking into everything you do

Group Workshops


Strategy as a Science: Stratology

Learn a structured, orderly and truly scientific approach to developing strategy that we call Stratology. The 7 core steps are set-out below.

         Maximise Your Impact

The personal development resources at the end of each module will help you and your colleagues get the best out of your energies, skills and talents.